Making transportation easy for everyone

Riders want to easily and seamlessly navigate among a whole ecosystem of mobility options. We’re helping realize that vision.

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Where’s My Bus?

Let us help you get on board quickly with the Blaze Platform. Our low-cost tracking hardware combined with open data standards (GTFS Realtime) empowers your riders with real-time information and your agency with intuitive analytics tools.

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Test My GTFS

Try our simple, free web-based GTFS Meta-Validator to validate your static schedule and create a shareable report. See and fix warnings and errors before sharing your transit data with Google Maps and other platforms.

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How Do I Enable Trip Planning?

We will walk you through the steps, whether you are getting on Google Maps for the first time, have an existing CAD/AVL system like NextBus® or are ready to install your first real time tracking system.

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The Team

David Thomas Moran



Walking, taking pictures and telling stories about public transit keep me busy.

Nathan Selikoff



Artist and developer in love with maps, public transportation, and interactivity.

Our Values


At Omni, we are leveraging open data, open standards, and open source software to provide information to riders in the places and ways they are expecting it.


We are moving the needle on transportation inequity by empowering riders, transit agencies, city planners, and municipalities with actionable information.


What would the city look like if all this data were being shared and you could easily and seamlessly navigate among the whole ecosystem of mobility options?

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Are you excited about making transportation easier for everyone too? Let’s work together. Give David a call or send him an email and he will get back to you as soon as possible.