Transit Data For Social Good

Informed Riders = Happy Riders

Relevant, Reliable Data for the Modern Rider

Is your service as easy to use as Uber or Lyft?

Can your riders get up-to-the-minute info on their smart phones?

Are you the best choice for riders with new and emerging commuting options?

As a social enterprise, Omnimodal, LLC (Omni) helps you empower your riders to make informed decisions about their commutes with high quality real-time data. Transit data done the right way sets riders up for success; done poorly, it leaves riders behind.

We believe that public transportation + tech can affirm the human dignity of people by moving them from every corner of our community to the places where they need to go. Omnimodal provides comprehensively integrated real-time data the whole community can count on.

GTFS data puts transit agencies on the map
Where’s my bus? GTFS Realtime closes the gap between the schedule and reality

Why This Matters

Real-time saves time. And it gets riders where they need to be.

Shorter waits. Less stress for transit riders who already have a lot on their minds. Multiple connections. Long commutes. Trying to get to work, school, daycare, the doctor’s office, the pharmacy, and more ON TIME.

High quality transit data empowers riders now. No need to wait: let us help you create it.

Our Solutions

Omnimodal helps transit agencies boost ridership, increase rider satisfaction, optimize 3rd party app developer relations and improve overall operational efficiency. The most effective way to reach these goals is to embrace GTFS data standardization.

We support the whole pipeline of GTFS transit data, from creation to analysis, through consulting, software as a service (SaaS), custom software development, and hardware solutions.

Omni Scheduler

Automate your transit data: connect to your website, print collateral and popular apps at the click of a button.

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Omni Realtime

Hardware + software solution for creating and analyzing high-fidelity GTFS Realtime transit data.

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The Power of Social Enterprise

Solving real-world problems through strategic, sustainable solutions that meaningfully impact our communities.

As a social enterprise, we practice an interdependent model of software and hardware development that benefits riders, transit agencies and the tech community. Omnimodal is part of the Downtown CREDO Rally Makers Social Enterprise Accelerator.

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